...But, as all cat lovers know, sometimes our otherwise friendly felines will bite us when we're trying to pet them, which makes no sense at all. Why get all bitey with the human who loves them, feeds them, and passive-aggressively scoops their litter box? ...

does the word "all" mean "very"?

like this:

LONGMAN Dictionary:


14 very

You’re getting me all confused.

here is a sentence I made:

Why did you get all angry with your parents who love you.

is it correct?

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Yes, it does mean “very” in the example you quoted as well as your own sentence. However, in the sentence you gave, it’s more akin to so, as in why did you get so angry with your parents who love you?

Saying “why did you get very angry...” sounds awkward to me, though it’s technically grammatically correct.

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