I know that "spill" will sound natural with "liquid detergent". But will it sound natural with "powder detergent"?

I spilled some detergent on the floor. (It is a "powder detergent", not a liquid one)

Is the use of "spill" natural here?


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Combining answers from the comments section :

Yes powder laundry detergent can be considered "spilled"

In general "spill" should be used:

a. For substances that move fluidly (liquids, gasses, powder, pebbles) if they move outside of a container, general moving under the influence of gravity (i.e. toward the floor\ground /etc.)

b. It can also be used figuratively when semi-continuous things "move" outside of their intended constraints

My handwriting spilled into the margins

The wedding planning spilled into the next month, past the intended deadline

c. There is also the idiom of "spilling the beans" to mean telling a secret to someone. Similar in meaning to "letting the cat out of the bag."

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