One of the definitions of the word stay is:

to continue doing something, or to continue to be in a particular state:

stay open/closed The shops stay open until 9 o' clock.

I was talking to someone and I said "I stayed playing videogames the whole night" and the person said I was wrong. I should've said "I played video games all night". Why is "**I stayed playing" incorrect?


The forms

  • I kept playing videogames the whole night.
  • I continued playing videogames the whole night.
  • I played videogames the whole night.

are all more common and more natural than "I stayed playing videogames the whole night." The word 'stayed" is more often used with something indicating state such as "stayed open" or "stayed angry", or with something indicating place or position, as "stayed at home" or "stayed out".

I can't say that "stayed playing" is a grammatical error, but it is not a natural usage in my opinion.

This Google Ngram shows "kept playing" as rather common, "continued playing" as a bit less common, and "stayed playing" as very close to never occurring in the underlying corpus.

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