In exam (Egyptian GSEC English exam)

If you are a well-organized person, you (manage/will manage)

This question was in my exam, I already answered it "will manage", I want to know the difference between these two answers in this sentence.


This depends on whether the task is already being worked on or not.

It's not entirely clear from the above, since the tense is not specified.

I will give an example of either case:

Writing on a cover letter in a job application (i.e. the managing is in the future):

I am a well-organized person, who will manage all the tasks.

Writing a self appraisal for a job you're in (i.e. the managing is ongoing/current):

I am a well-organised person, who manages the tasks.

Therefore, I think both would be correct, depending on the context of the sentence. Although, I believe that "will manage" is more likely to be the correct answer, since it feels more like the sentence is future tense.

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