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Is there a specific word for these diagonal bars? I doubt engineers would call them diagonal bars since they're widely used in engineering, radio towers and bridges off my head use them.

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This is called cross bracing--diagonal supports used to reinforce the structure of a building or bridge or similar.

Individually, the bars might be called beams or girders.

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The overall structure might be called a space frame, although that term is more often used for structures that cover, roof, or enclose an area, rather than support a tower. Still the bascic structure of triangular bracing is similar.


In Structural Engineering, this kind of building group is called Trusses. Trusses are a Structure that is made from 3 Sides, as the triangle is considered the Strongest Shape to build with. That said, they use it to create Cross-Bracing made up of Members as they are called; Beams or Girders (Horizontal Members), Columns or Posts (Vertical Members) and Panels (Wall/Cover Members).

A good truss reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/truss

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