What's mean "is getting on me"? For example:

"Mom is always getting on me about not finishing my breakfast."

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    The fourth entry under get on (someone or something) from this dictionary might have what you're looking for. – Norbert Jun 18 at 9:58

Normally, a question like this might be closed as entirely answerable by a dictionary. However, this particular phrase might be very hard to find in a dictionary, so I don't think this particular question fits that close reason.

This is an informal, shortened form for getting on someone's back. This idiom is defined by Macmillan as:

on someone's back (phrase) informal always criticizing someone, or always telling them to do things : You’re always on my back about something.

So, we could express your sentence as:

"Mom is always getting on my back about not finishing my breakfast."

but sometimes the on my back might be shortened even further:

"Mom is always getting on me about not finishing my breakfast."

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