I bought two discounted tickets on Standard airlines to Honolulu Or I bought two discounted tickets for Standard Airlines to Honolulu

Out of the two , Please tell me which one is correct with regard to preposition.

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I bought two discounted Standard Airlines tickets to Honolulu...



X for Y is used to express that you use X to accomplish, complete, allow, or do Y. E.g. I bought tickets for the concert

On sounds like you are trying to say you bought the tickets while on a plane.


Nither of them is correct. You can write, i have bought 2 discounted ticket of standerd airlined to Honolulu. For is used for purpose, as i bought a car for my mother

  • This is wrong: "tickets of ..." is grammatically incorrect. I would go with "on," and suggest changing the word order (tickets to Honolulu on Standard Airlines).
    – TypeIA
    Commented Jun 19, 2019 at 20:04
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