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Hello everyone. Welcome to the second lecture for CS230. as I said earlier, you can go to menti.com from your smartphones or your computers and enter this code 84 5709 we will use this tool for interactive questions during the lecture and we will also use it to track attendance. I'll add it at the end of the lecture, but if you have time do it now.

The lecturer is saying

I'll add it at the end of the lecture.

this is a near future that is going to be happen.

in this context, "at the end" or "by the end", which one is more appropriate?

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These two phrases imply different meanings:

by the end

Implies that the action could take place any time during the lecture, and the addition process will definitely be complete when the lecture ends.

at the end

Implies that the action will not take place during the beginning or middle or later-middle of the lecture. It means that the "addition" will take place right when the lecture is finishing or right after the lecture has finished.

at the end is probably the accurate choice because the lecturer will be lecturing during the lecture, as opposed to taking care of logistical problems.

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