Is there a phrase or word that means "put on too much makeup"? I remember there was a phrase and I think it had the word "paste" in it, but I don't remember it. I also think there was a verb that pretty much meant the same thing, but I don't remember it either. Can anyone help me out?

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usually if there is a lot of make-up that someone has put on, and you can clearly tell, it could be described as "caked on"


“You look like a clown” is a pretty offensive thing that’s said when someone’s wearing too much makeup. If you’ve ever seen a clown, it’s pretty obvious why people say this: clowns often wear face paint that that looks like poorly done makeup.

Examples in use:


Like putty or painted like a clown like too much foundation or too dark and too much and messy. Dark foundationputty and loud and screaming colors. It looks messy irregular it looks not natural.It is too much of everything.

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