Are there any difference between two use of adjective in diffrent places in two sentence below ? Does these sentences have different meaning or one of these is wrong?

New house was sold at ten thousand dollars cheaper price.

New house was sold at price ten thousand dollars cheaper.

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Your sentences have more problems than the word order.

However, concentrating on the good location for "price": in that sentence, the word "price" need not be used. It is not OK to use "price" and "cheaper" together.

Why? Because:

  • products are cheap(er)
  • prices are low(er)

and not:

  • products are low(er)
  • prices are cheap(er)

Two ways to write that sentence are:

  • The new house was sold ten thousand dollars cheaper.

  • The new house was sold at a price ten thousand dollars lower.

Of course, one should also tell that it was cheaper / lower compared to what? Previous price for the same house? Another house? Which another house? But that is outside the scope of this question.

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