Is "doing a dance" idiomatic? I am thinking this isn't idiomatic, but I am not sure. Is it the case? I think I have heard it being used, but I think it's not idiomatic and there are better ways to say it.

For example:

He did the Gangnam Style dance.

He's doing the Gangnam Style dance.


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Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now.

Come on baby, do the loco-motion.

And many others that while not explicitly using that precise phrase demonstrate that “doing” is certainly something that applies to dances. For example:

Any time you're Lambeth way

Any evening, any day,

You'll find us all

Doin' the Lambeth walk.…


You clap your hands

And you swing out wide

Do the susie q

Mix in a step or two

Put 'em all together

And you're doin the jive

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