Keep a tab on the website for any activities.

Keep tabs on the website for any activities.

Which of the two, keep a tab/keep tabs, is the right idiom?

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Merriam-Webster has an entry for the idiom keep tabs on:

: to carefully watch (someone or something) in order to learn what that person or thing is doing
// We are keeping tabs on their movements.
// The magazine keeps tabs on the latest fashion trends.

It does not have an entry for keep a tab on.

Google Books Ngram Viewer also indicates that keep tabs on is far more common in writing than keep a tab on.

keep a tab on versus keep tabs on

Although I have no problem understanding keep a tab on, and I'm sure I've heard that version used before, the above indicates that keep tabs on is at least more common. You likely wouldn't go wrong with the singular version, but, everything being equal, it's probably better to pick the plural version if you're not sure.

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