Is "a far cry from" used for describing situations, in which someone is trying to achieve some result?

This phrase looks fine to me (though I am not sure):

He was a far cry from being a school champion in spelling.

But something doesn't sit right with this one (though I am not sure):

It wasn’t an easy task to get her talking to me in our short discussions, but she was a far cry from being idle when it came to teamwork.

Perhaps, it's wrong because being idle is not something to be achieved with a lot of effort. If so, then what would be the best idiomatic way to express the thought here?

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    A far cry from can be used in a very large number of contexts—including those in the question. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jun 25 at 1:33
  • @JasonBassford - Thank you. This is an answer. You can re-write it as an answer. – brilliant Jun 25 at 5:59

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