I am looking for a simple and natural way to express the process of getting familiar with something.

Some options I've been considering include

I am acquainting myself with something.

I am getting familiar with something.

I am getting acquainted with something.

I am making myself familiar with something.

All the sentences are in Present Progressive because it seems to me like a reasonable way to express a continuing action. Also, I am wondering if Present Simple can be used as well.

Thank you.

Someone voted to close it as primarily opinion-based. Sorry, I didn't get it. I am not asking the "best" way to say it. I would like you to validate my sentences and suggest yours.


The easiest way is "I'm getting used to it."

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The most natural way to use "familiar" would be:

I am familiarising myself with it.

"Acquainted" can be used for things, but "getting acquainted" is more commonly used to describe people mutually getting to know one another. I would therefore use:

I am acquainting myself with it.

As this idiomatically shows it is you putting the effort in to get to know something.

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