Is the usage of 'reason being' ungrammatical?

I heard so many times people use this. I don't know is this correct usage or not.


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Reason being [that] [blah blah] is a common colloquial alternative to because. In many contexts, strict grammar would require it to be preceded by the, but people often omit that definite article.

It's a stylised version of what might more "properly" be expressed as The reason is [that] [blah blah], but in practice people don't often use that version. Reason being if they cared about clarity and brevity they'd probably use [This / Whatever I just said is] because anyway.

I could justify my choice of phrasing in the preceding sentence by claiming it's illustrative of the usage under consideration, but in general, it's just quirkiness for quirkiness's sake. It's probably not something learners should use outside of relaxed conversational contexts - regardless of whether it's made "grammatical" by including the article, it'll always come across as being at least slightly quirky.

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