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What do you call the main area in an auditorium below the balcony? I am thinking "main floor" or "first floor", but it sounds not specific enough and I think there might be a better word for it. What would you call it?


In a theatre it's called the "stalls". Ref: https://theatre.london/theatre-guide/beginners-guide-sit-theatre/


In theater's that put on musicals or plays it would be called the "Orchestra" Section

2b: the forward section of seats on the main floor of a theater

2c : the main floor of a theater

But, in auditoriums like this one that wouldn't apply since there is no orchestra pit. I am not sure there is a generally accepted word, but there are common terms (including the ones you suggested) such as:

First Floor

Ground Floor (typically only if the main floor is on the same level as the ground)

Main Floor

Lower Level

Bottom Floor

  • I think people would still call it "orchestra." Although venues can name things whatever they want really.
    – Ethan B.
    Jun 27 '19 at 3:26

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