What do you call a balcony above another balcony in a stadium? As you can see, there's 2 balconies, or balcony section separated by a LCD panels and I was wondering if these balconies were even called balconies. If they're not called balconies, what are they called and what do you call the upper-most balcony?

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There isn't really a uniform word to specify a balcony above a balcony. If you look at seating charts of arenas they use various words to differentiate the upper balcony and the lower balcony:

Lower vs. Upper:

Mezzanine vs. Upper

Lower vs. Upper

Loge vs. Balcony

Section 2 vs. Section 3

But generally Upper Level Balcony and Lower Level Balcony are good enough to differentiate, but might not match the specific stadiums official name for that section.

In addition other compound words would also work if there are more than two balconies:

Second Level Balcony

Second Tier Balcony

  • stadium seating, which is staggered. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadium_seating
    – Lambie
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  • Don't forget Upper Deck. I think it's important note that in the U.S., at least, the names of seating areas like the upper deck will be different depending on whether you are attending a cultural event (theater, symphony) or sporting event (baseball, football). I seriously doubt any sporting venue in the U.S. refers to the upper deck as a lodge. Although I did sit in the lodge the last time I went to the theatre.
    – EllieK
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In British English, the top level balcony in a theatre is called "The gods", I guess because you are so high up it's like you are with the gods.


In American English, the slang for the highest section is "the nosebleed section", because you're so high up you'll get a nosebleed. Otherwise, upper balcony works.

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