"a becoming humility"(article before uncountable noun) is OK.

My answer to another question referring to A | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary:

used before some uncountable nouns when you want to limit their meaning in some way, such as when describing them more completely or referring to one example of them:

I only have a limited knowledge of Spanish.

He has a great love of music.

There was a fierceness in her voice.

But in esl article usage rules, an article before "thing"(a countable noun) can be omitted:

Rule 37: Use Ø when generalizing about abstract nouns.

ex: Love is beautiful thing.

Is that correct?

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Ø is correct to use before "love". It's not correct to use before "thing". They say "Use Ø when generalizing about abstract nouns", so their focus is on showing you the correct usage regarding love, and weren't paying attention to whether their usage was correct for "thing".

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