I believe At is used for : specific time and Holiday period and IN is used for: months, years,Decades, century,season and time period. But when I try google translator with both options:

At night....at the evening? in the evening?

It seems has the same meaning I don't know which is the right choice.

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The original poster's general rule is correct:

  • "at" or "on" is used for events (such as points in time or days)
  • "in" or "during" is used for time ranges (such as months, years, or decades)

The original poster correctly noticed an exception. We say:

  • "in the evening" or "on the evening of"
  • "at" or "on" a special day's "Eve", to refer to the day before the special day. For example, "Halloween" is "All Hallows' Eve", and "New Year's Eve" is the day before "New Year's Day".
  • "at night" or "on the night of"
  • "by day" or "on the day of"
  • thanks a lot for your help, I will memorize the exception!, but I'm still confused , in which way is correct, In the evening?, at the evening? Jun 28, 2019 at 3:26
  • @HoneyObando -- "In the evening" is correct. "At the evening" is only correct when "evening" is an attributive noun, such as in "You can see us at the evening show."
    – Jasper
    Jun 28, 2019 at 4:14

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