I was given a picture of people going down a sidewalk. And I was asked to answer the question of where the people are right now. Do I have to use the definite article or indefinite before the word street? For example:

In this picture are two women in a/the street.

I don't know exactly which street they are at right now, what I know from the picture that they are walking down the sidewalk.


"in the street" has a particular meaning: that they are on the road and not the sidewalk. They are in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

"They are in a street" is not a usual expression. It sounds odd.

"They are on a street" sounds okay.

"Which street are they on?" Good.

"They are walking down the street." or "They are walking down the sidewalk." These are very clear.


If the people are on the sidewalk, then you would use "a". This is more general - if the people were standing on the road, they would be in "the" street.

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