The question comes from this post.

enter image description here

Assume I haven't seen this figure before and I want to learn about eigendecomposition intuitively and visually.

Is it clear and idiomatic to ask that what does eigendecomposition look like?


If your goal is to see the graphical or visual representation of a concept, you should ask for that specifically. "What does it look like" in this context isn't as clear as you want-- "look" is often used is various metaphorical ways and this phrasing is also a casual way of asking for a (textual) explanation of the nature of something (e.g. "Doctor, I can't figure out what's wrong with me, what does it look like to you?")

There may be a more technical math-specific way of referring to the graph of a function or process (I'm not a mathematician) but I think if you asked "what does the graphical representation of eigendecomposition look like", it would be clear and idiomatic.

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