A dialogue from the movie Annie Hall: (clip)

Tony Lacey: You know who the original owners were? Nelson Eddy, then Legs Diamond. Then you know who lived here?

Alvy Singer: Trigger.

Tony Lacey: Charlie Chaplin. Right before his un-American thing.

It sounds to me like Alvy is using "trigger" to mean "Who?" "Shoot." "Tell us." or words to that effect. I wonder if this is something people actually say (or said in the 70s when the film was made) or an Allenism (a Woody Allen invention)? Or is this a joke?


Trigger was the name of a movie horse belonging to a cowboy movie star, Roy Rogers (who also had a dog called Bullet). Suggesting that he lived in the house is a Hollywood-oriented joke, typical of Woody Allen.

enter image description here

Trigger (horse)

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