Can we use the verb "adjoin" this way? Adjoin means attach according to the dictionary, but attach can be used in a figurative way, so I was wondering if you could use the word adjoin with non physical things.

For example:

Here's the document adjoined to the present meeting.

  • I wouldn't use adjoin or attach in that context. – J.R. Jul 1 '19 at 17:32

Probably not...

As a general rule, adjoin means that one thing is connected to the other. You can see this from Google's dictionary:

be next to and joined with (a building, room, or piece of land).

You'll notice that they also mention that it should generally be used for a building, room, or piece of land.

However, an attachment is the word you're looking for. This is what it is considered when you put a link in something (attaching a link) or including a document with something (attaching a document). Here's Google's first definition of the term:

fasten; join.

They say, later that it could also mean (for your context):

fasten (a related document) to another, or to an email.

To sum up, "adjoin" usually means two physical things, but "attach" would be the correct word in this context.

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