My friend and I are standing across from each other (with a stool in the middle and a clamp stand on top of it, with a pendulum suspended from it; not in the image though....) enter image description here

Me can move the part that hold on to things like a burette. It can be done by loosening the screw. My friend was rotating it toward my direction (clockwise) and I told her to rotate it in her direction. Is it okay to use:

Turn (or rotate)it that way. (While talking and moving my hand to tell her)

Or should it be:

Turn it your way.

Turn it toward you. (And should it be rotate or turn?)

And for example, if the screw had to be turned clockwise, (I.e my direction)

Turn it this way. (Will it sound okay while talking?)


Turn it my way.

Turn it toward me.


In colloquial language, all of these sentences are correct and understandable.

You seem to have been a bit caught up with using "turn" vs "rotate." As you can see here, Thesaurus.com lists "turn" as a one of the synonyms of "rotate."

Just make sure that when you use "this" or "that," you are simultaneously pointing to what you mean by those words.

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