I was studying prepositions and stumble upon these phrases:


  1. to my knowledge.
  2. for my knowledge.


  1. Go for a ride
  2. Go to a ride


  1. He went to England to a Sales Conference.
  2. He went to England for a Sales Conference.

Which one from these two is correct and why?

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All of them are potentially correct depending on the context.

"To the best of my knowledge, the answer is cheese." "And yet for all of my knowledge I was unable to answer him."

"I'm going for a ride on the bus." "I'm going to the annual haunted hay ride."

The first one is more likely, as you'd generally go for a ride. Going to a ride would imply the ride is the final location you're heading to.

"He went to England to a Sales Conference." (He went to England, and went to the conference.) "He went to England for a Sales Conference." (The reason he went to England is for the sales conference.)


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