I got a question. Let's say two people are talking about riding the rollercoaster:

Person1 says to person number two:

Let's ride the rollercoaster, it's quite fun!

Then, person2 says:

I'm afraid of rollercoasters.

Then person2 replies to person1:

Come on, it won't (do you any) harm you!

Do I have to have (do) before harm for it to sound natural or can I just say "it won't harm you"?

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Normal usage would be: "Come on, it won't do you any harm!" (lose the final, repetitive 'you') but your alternative of "it won't harm you!" is also fine, though "it won't hurt you!" sounds more natural to me.

  • My father and I had practically the same conversation when I was seven years old. He insisted, dragging me on the rollercoaster, and I vomited profusely once it got really going, which did me some "harm", I daresay. It certainly harmed his trousers and jacket. Jul 2, 2019 at 16:54

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