I've seen some cases like

"He want back to working"

"He decided returned to playing soccer"

"Mexico went from exporting just coffee and oil to exporting: cars, tv, engines, laptops, etc.

Why ?

English teachers always say there are to options "to-infinitive" and gerund but I have never heard about a gerund with "to" before


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It's not a "to gerund". "To" is the preposition used with the verbs "go back", "return" and "go" to denote the destination (real or metaphorical). This "to" cannot be followed by an infinitive, so a following verb must be gerund.

Note the difference between:

He went to see his friend.

"To" introduces a purpose clause, and takes the infinitive.


He went back to stealing.

"To" introduces the destination of the (metaphorical) journey, and cannot be followed by an infinitive.

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