See the definition of "advantageous" here. The definition of the word includes "you", and it gives impression that you cannot say advantageous to something. In the examples "advantageous to" is used with people or group of people like this: advantageous to the company or advantageous to the team

you can say something like advantageous interest rates, and I guess it means that certain interest rates are good for someone or group of people.

However, I wonder whether you can write something like "advantageous To the economy" or "advantageous To the employment level", and I need the opinion of a native English speaker or teacher.


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Advantageous = providing an advantage; furnishing convenience or opportunity; favorable; profitable; useful; beneficial (Dictionary.com).

In English, something can be advantageous to virtually anything, not just people.

Consumerism = the concept that an ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy (Dictionary.com).

Adopting 'resource appropriate' measures which allow the most effective treatment for the greatest number of people will be advantageous to countries (PubMed).

...and these 2 projects have come from discussion with the staff as to work which would be advantageous to the animals (University of Reading).

Aquaponic systems like the Mulders' do, of course, benefit the fish, but are also advantageous to the plants and humans involved...(Permaculturenews.com).

In certain cases, it may be better to say beneficial than advantageous:

The association strives to promote the development of skills and knowledge beneficial to employment and investment opportunities in the real estate field (lsu.edu).

What is the difference between advantageus and beneficial?

Advantageous to means resulting in a better opportunity.

Beneficial is a broader term that means being helpful.

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