1) we are friend since we were a child

2) We are friends since we were a child

3) We are friends since we were children

First of all, I am sorry if these sentences are awkward since I wrote it myself. So, from these three sentences which one is correct if I want to say that my friend and I are friends since childhood?

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    It would also be better to use the past perfect tense: "We have been friends since..."
    – TypeIA
    Commented Jul 5, 2019 at 5:12

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The people are plural, but there is a singular relationship between the people. When using nouns that refer directly to the people, you should use the plural:

We have been friends since we were children.

When using nouns that refer to the relationship between the people or to the shared state of being children, then you use the singular:

We have shared a friendship since childhood.

Note that in both cases, the present perfect tense is a better fit than the present tense, since you are referring to a state of being that began in the past and has continued through the present.


As we are talking about 2 people (plural) so 3rd is correct.
"We are friends since we were children"


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