For example, I need to be at a place at 7:00, but got there at 8:00. Can I say "I got there late by an hour"? I know a more commonly used expression is "I was an hour late", but for now I only want to know whether the one I suggested is correct.

  • The sentence is not OK if the question mark was there. – zixuan Jul 14 at 14:38

As you've already mentioned, it's not common, but I think it's OK grammatically. Ref.

I would add a comma to make it clearer:

I got there late, by an hour.

  • The reason why I don't want to use "I was an hour late" is that I want to keep the verb "got". So is there a common expression for this which keeps the verb (apart from the one with the comma)? – trisct Jul 8 at 11:52
  • 1
    "I got there an hour late" – Bee Jul 8 at 12:28

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