I always think that the best must be followed by a singular noun as follows:

Dogs are the best pet.

However, I found this while reading:

Dogs are the best pets.

Is this grammatically correct?

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    It's correct and more logical. – user178049 Jul 10 '19 at 2:04

I think generally, the noun following the best should match the plural/singular sense of the word it is describing:

It may be true that usually you describe a single thing as being the best. But, the best can also refer to the an upper tier of good-ness, rather than the single best version of something:

This article has both senses:

These[plural] are the best and worst US states to start a business

Texas[singular] was ranked the best state overall to start a business, according to the study.

You can find other examples by searching "are the best" and "is the best" and comparing the results. The first will usually have a plural noun following best, while the second will have a singular noun following best.

So, you have two options, either using "a dog" in the singular sense and say:

A dog is the best pet.

or stick with the phrase you found while reading:

Dogs are the best pets.

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