Tell me please what the difference is between the following sentences.

Trying to lift the weight, I injured my back.

In trying to lift the weight, I injured my back.

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In doing something is used for saying that as a result of doing one thing (A), you also do/did something else (B).

In trying to lift the weight (A), I injured my back (B).

In passing my drivers test (A), I am now licensed (B).


Other than that, the sentences have the exact same meaning. They're just worded differently.

  • Yes, the one with "in" + -ing verb is slightly more specific. It expresses a causal relationship between A and B. B is often a result that the protagonist cannot control. It would not be appropriate to add "in" to "Sweating from the heat, I wiped my face" because wiping one's face is volitional. But "In sweating from the heat, I became dehydrated" is OK.
    – nschneid
    Commented Dec 31, 2022 at 20:56

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