Is this form of "take care'n of" correct in the following lyrics?

She wanna be man cured
She wan' be take care'n of

[MANiCURE by Lady Gaga]


After listening to the song I can confirm that this is an accurate transcription of the lyrics.

I can also confirm this is not proper English (not even in any vernacular form, slang, or any dialect I'm familiar with). Presumably the intended meaning is "she wants to be taken care of" [by a man]. I assume the songwriter moved the syllable from "taken" to after "care" in order to improve the rhythm of the chorus, but doing so is quite an extravagant "artistic liberty."

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Usually this would not be considered to be correct, however, after checking several websites (I've not heard the song myself), they all list the lyrics as:

Salon’s enough for her,
Not to feel so insecure,
Ma ma ma manicure,
She wanna be take care'n of

This doesn't make much sense from a grammatically correct perspective, and a more acceptable form would be.

She wanna be taken care of

It's important to remember when such situations arise, in writing lyrics or works of fiction the author is entitled to a certain level of artistic interpretation.

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    Looks like there's quite a bit of word play, too, like going from "man cured" to "manicured" – Barmar Jul 11 '19 at 19:30

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