So, it kind of works out in a really sick and fucked-up way.

I've come across with the sentence above, and I didn't understand the meaning. I know the meaning of work out(to think carefully about how you are going to do something and plan a good way of doing it OR to calculate an answer, amount, price etc) and the meaning of kind of (used when you are trying to explain or describe something, but you cannot be exact) but I don't understand all together.

So could you please explain it to me?

The fuller text is here:

Other people’s God Value is another person. This is often called “codependence.” These people derive all hope from their connection with another individual and sacrifice themselves and their own interests for that individual. They then base all their behavior, decisions, and beliefs on what they think will please that other person—their own little personal God. This typically leads to really fucked-up relationships with—you guessed it— narcissists. After all, the narcissist’s God Value is himself, and the codependent’s God Value is fixing and saving the narcissist. So, it kind of works out in a really sick and fucked-up way. (But not really.)


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There is one meaning of "work out" given by Lexico:

work out

2 Have a good or specified result.
An example of false optimism: ‘Everything always works out in the end.’

The passage means that things seem to happen well for both the people discussed, but it's not really satisfactory.


"works out" here is used in something closer to sense 5 in the linked set of definitions "gets solved". The author is saying that the situation is resolved because of the way in which the people interact, although in a distorted an unhealthy way.

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