Why has the writer used "will" rather than "simple present" in the following sentences:

1 ) Many people learn English because they think it will be useful in some way for international communication and travel.

2 ) The purposes students have for learning will have an effect on what it is they want and to learn-and as a result will influence what they are taught.

3 ) Business English students for example, will want to spend a lot of time concentrating on the language needed for specific business transactions and situations.

4 ) Students living in a target-language community will need to use English to achieve their immediate practical and social needs.

5 ) Students of general English will not have such such specific needs, of course, and so their lessons will almost certainly look different from those for students with more clearly identifiable needs.

6 ) Private language schools, on the other hand, tend to be better equipped than some government schools. They will frequently have smaller class sizes, crucially, the students in them may well have chosen to come and study. This will affect their motivation at the beginning of the process.

7 ) Clearly the size of the class will affect how we teach.

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