You can send your application by June 15.

The deadline for application is June 15.

The application period ends on June 15.

Is the last day usually meant to be included in statements such as above? Can one apply on June 15?


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It is understood that a “deadline date” includes that date, through the close of business that date.

  • when U. S. tax filings are due on April 15, any submission that is received by the post office on April 15 are honored.

  • “offer expires December 31” indicates that responses received on that date (or purchases made on that date) will be honored.

In your examples, applications received on June 15 should be honored (during normal business hours). Applications dropped in the mail elsewhere on June 15, and not received by June 15, likely wouldn’t be.


What matters here is not what the words mean, but what the writer intended them to mean. If you want to know that you have to ask them to give a deadline in terms of a specific time and date. Even if they do mean that you can apply on June 15 they might not welcome an application at 11.59 pm on June 15.

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