I am creating a directory website having multiple categories and sub-categories.

I am confused about whether I should use category name singular or plural?


Should I set category name

  • Industry or Industries
  • Food and Beverage or Foods and Beverages
  • Real Estate and Building or Real Estates and Buildings
  • Financial Service or Financial Services
  • Business and Service or Business and Services

It's entirely a matter of style and choice which you use

  • Dictionaries normally use singular nouns
  • Directories mostly use uncountable and plural nouns (see for example Ebay)

You might be interested in this article about Yahoo Directory.

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  • Thanks for the answer and article link. I am aware of this situation but it was Yahoo which was dominating this before Google. Everything has a lifecycle and Google too. I am not here saying that I will take over google (never know :P) but the thing is should not seat and drop an idea because some players are already paying their game. BTW, I am trying to make a customized local directory for a small town on the earth. – pixelngrain Jul 15 '19 at 10:20

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