This debate has reached an impasse. We need a novel approach to _____ the current impasse.

What would be an idiomatic verb for the blank? Remove? destroy? resolve? bring us out of? bring the debate our of? ...

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    I personally would say resolve the impasse. However, according to Google Books Ngram Viewer, break is the more common. So, I will not provide resolve as an objectively better answer than what was already given. – Jason Bassford Jul 15 '19 at 19:40

One typically breaks an impasse, as in these two sample sentences found in Merriam Webster:

// But Gilbert’s request for his mother to go out and get him a can of coke on the night of the murder in 2015 broke the impasse among the jurors.
— Fox News, "Jurors in father killer trial over cut off allowance say a can of coke was 'aha moment' that helped to find him guilty," 30 June 2019
// Nevertheless, facilitating dialogue may be insufficient to break the impasse.
— Adem K Abebe, Quartz Africa, "In Sudan, the African Union reminds us it still has a key role in tackling the continent’s crises," 7 June 2019

(emphasis mine)

This is supported by the Google Ngram Viewer (thanks @JasonBassford for reminding me), if you conduct a search for *_VERB the impasse you see break is used about twice as often as resolve (even when counting the declensions broke and resolving):

enter image description here

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