I am learning from a book called English Grammar in use

The book says that we use the present continuous tense when we talk about changes happening around now and I am confused with the meaning of the "period around now".

Please help and give me some examples.

Thanks a lot


"Period around now" means "starting recently and finishing soon". What "soon" and "recently" mean is a matter of context.

I play tennis.

(I can play tennis and I play frequently. I might not be on the tennis court now. Tennis is my sport.)

I am playing tennis.

(I am on the court right now. I started earlier and I expect to finish soon. For tennis "soon" means in a few hours or less)

Sometimes the present continuous can emphasise the idea that the activity is in progress, and taking some time, it may indicate repetition:

I'm jumping on the trampoline

(repeatedly jumping, the activity started recently and is taking some time.)

I jump off the box.

(Single action, started and finished as you were speaking, quite a rare situation)

I jump to school everyday.

(Statement of fact, not an activity that is ongoing right now).

Sometimes the continuous can emphasise the short period of time

I live in London.

(statement of fact, not expected to end soon(

I'm living with my parents.

(a temporary situation, expected to finish soon. In this case "soon" means in a few months or less.)

  • thank u a lot.That is really helpful – Chau Nguyen Jul 16 '19 at 16:52

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