Is there a verb that means "tracks and changes"? I don't think there is so can you find a way to formulate the following sentence in a way that doesn't sound too weird and incomprehensible?

For example:

The robot tracks the national average height of the U.S. and changes its own height to match the national average.

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    How could it be possible for a single verb (that means both things) to apply to a single action? The example sentence is not an example of such a thing. The robot doesn't track and change X. Instead, it tracks one thing and changes something else. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jul 17 '19 at 2:10

The stated sentence in the question seems perfectly grammatical and comprehensible. I don't know of any robot which can currently do that, but I have no trouble imagining one.


There are verbs that suggest both these actions such as calibrate, conform, harmonize, and so on, but you'll still have to explain what the robot is actually doing:

The robot attunes itself to the average height in the U.S. by adjusting its own height to match.

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