Is below sentence is correct?

If tomorrow it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not and never did exist, would you want to remain a part of your religion.

This is because word Tomorrow indicates future and Was indicate past. I think was should be replace by Is to get correct meaning of sentence.

I know that we use Verb+ed to say imaginary situation which is not true currently. but can we use verb+ed to describe imaginary situation for future.

Also I have learn that we can use Simple present tense to describe future.

  • Change "was" to "were" and change the ending period to a question mark. It will then sound grammatically correct to me (U.S. English). Jul 18, 2019 at 15:01

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This is called a Subjunctive, which is a verb form that expresses something imagined. The subjunctive is mainly used when talking about things that are not certain to happen. Source: EnglishClub.com

These words are used differently in sentences, so it’s important to know when to use were vs. was.

Was should be used in the first and third person singular past, for statements of fact.

Were should be used in the second person singular and plural and first and third person plural, for the subjunctive mood to indicate hypothetical statements. In this case, the word if indicates the subjective mood. Source: WritingExplained.org

So, whilst "were" is grammatically correct here, "was" is often substituted in informal settings.

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