In my language, if I say “he’s gone with the raft” it means, figuratively, that he’s insane.

On the other hand, if I say “do you think I came with the raft?” or “do you think I came on the straw through the pipe” it means that I’m not that stupid as you think.

I would like to know if such expressions exist in English not necessarily to use this particular word “raft” or “straw”.

Would you please help me with your replies?

  • In US English, one would say: > He's gone crazy.
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As Maulik V points out, the English expression closest to “do you think I came with the raft?” is “do you think I was born yesterday?”

not be born yesterday
to not be stupid or easy to deceive:
You don't fool me - I wasn't born yesterday.
Source: Cambridge Dictionaries Online – definition for “not be born yesterday”

There is the expression “fresh off the boat” in English, but this is a derogatory term for someone who is naïve with regards to local customs, not someone you mean to suggest is stupid or insane.

There are many expressions for suggesting insanity. Here's a popular one:

have a screw loose
If you say that someone has a screw loose, you mean that they behave in a strange way and seem slightly mentally ill.
Source: Cambridge Dictionaries Online – definition for “have a screw loose”

Another commonly employed metaphor is the suggestion that someone has “lost his marbles”.

lose your marbles
to become crazy
Source: Cambridge Dictionaries Online – definition for “lose your marbles”

For a vulgar slang expression for “crazy”, activate the ‘spoiler’ in the space below:

enter image description here

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The simple thing without any ambiguity is:

He has gone mad.

gone mad - affected with madness or insanity (your translation); "a man who had gone mad"

Similarly, if you want others to know that you are not stupid, you may simply say:

Do you think I was born yesterday?

I/he/she wasn't born yesterday! - something that you say in order to tell someone that a person is not stupid (your translation) and cannot be easily deceived

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