I'm trying to find a word that describes "meeting" a new idea. In a phrase it would be:

Through this discussion I ____ a lot of new perspectives.

I recall a word similar to 'having a light source fall upon you'. You passively learn about something new.

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Through this discussion I ____ a lot of new perspectives on.

Two things to note here:

  1. Many words could fit in that space, with varying subtleties implied.
  2. Your sentence phrase is incomplete and should not end with on.

I'll assume that this is just the start of your sentence, and that you meant to end your phrase with an ellipsis.

The most basic words that I could think of to fit into that space and retain some of the meaning you have suggested are somewhat uninspiring—in fact you have already suggested one in your title:

  • If you were made aware of some perspectives, of which you were not previously aware:

  • If you worked through some perspectives, to determine what validity they held:

Assuming you are not writing poetry, sometimes the obvious words are the best ones to use.

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From the question:

You passively learn about something new.

With that key piece of information, I suggest absorb:

1 a : to take in (something, such as water) in a natural or gradual way
// a sponge absorbs water
// charcoal absorbs gas
// plant roots absorb water
1 b : to take in (knowledge, attitudes, etc.) : ACQUIRE, LEARN
// … convictions absorbed in youth …
— M. R. Cohen

So, in the example sentence:

Through this discussion I absorbed a lot of new perspectives.

If in this context, absorbed sounds a bit odd, the alternative acquire could be used instead.

Through this discussion I acquired a lot of new perspectives.


The word I was looking for was 'expose'

Through this discussion I was exposed to a lot of new perspectives.

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