I understand advice is a noun while advise is a verb. Advise is the act of giving advice. Despite knowing what they mean, I am still confuse how to use them correctly.

I came across this sentence which is written by someone who is very learned in English. They wrote:

He delivers top notch advise and service.

If I were to write this, I will use advice instead.


On another part of the article, they use advise as follow:

They are meticulous in their service and advise!

I will probably write it as below:

They are meticulous with their service and advice!

In the above examples, can you correct me on why advise is use and not advice?


Advise is the verb while Advice is the noun. (Source)

He advised me to eat properly.
He earns by giving relationship advice.

I think that your versions are correct, and the original ones are wrong. It might have been a typing mistake or such.

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    Thanks. I wasn't very confident with the usage of these two words and often doubt myself. Most likely an autocorrect or typo on their part. – Jalene Jul 30 '19 at 3:56

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