I'm looking for an different way to express a sentence such as:

I build on the fact that human beings are equal.

The synonyms I found don't correspond with the meaning of starting from a concept, stating a postulate. I'm putting forward a philosophical assumption, a basis for further argumentation.

  • @Probably : Why do you feel you need a different way to express that sentence? There's nothing outwardly wrong with it, so what would you like to convey instead? Jul 23 '19 at 18:57

I am not 100% sure what it is you are going to be saying, so it is a little difficult to know what phrase would serve your purposes the best, but the following substitutions for "I build on" should give you a decent range to choose from

  • Further to my argument that...
  • Based upon the assumption that...
  • I supplement the presupposition that...
  • I extend the discourse relating to the fact that...

These all relate to the idea that there is an idea that you are building on.


Some suggestions:

  • "my starting point is the fact that all human beings are equal"
  • "the foundation (of my belief) is the fact that all human beings are equal"
  • "my baseline is the fact that all human beings are equal"

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