I want to translate a short joke into English. The result doesn't sound natural, though I guess the idea is pretty clear. How would you rephrase it to sound more colloquial and natural?

Two professors in a university are talking after a lecture:

- Fools! I've been explaining that thing to them over and over again. Even I could understand it finally!

(This is my first question here, and I'm sorry if such questions are not appropriate for this website.)


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I think it's a pretty funny joke. It made me laugh.

As for touching it up to make it sound like natural English, I can think of two small improvements:

1) Change "that thing" to "that concept", which seems like something a professor would be more likely to say.

2) I might tweak the wording of the punchline. One comment suggests:

  • Even I can understand it now!

I might offer:

  • Even I could finally understand it!

There is something about putting the word finally at the very end that makes it sound just a little bit off, but not so much so that I'd call it awkward.

This isn't universal, though; there are times when finally sounds best at the end of a sentence. However, in this case, I think it sounds a little better in front of understand.

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