I'd like to share how my experiences aligns with your requirements.

Is that a correct sentence? Or is it supposed to be "experiences align"?



my experiences

are plural, so one should use

(1) I'd like to share how my experiences align...

if you are referring to multiple experiences. However, "experience" as a singular can also be used to mean "all of the things I've done/learned" as in "work experience" or something similar, so one could also say:

(2) I'd like to share how my experience aligns...

The first way, with multiple experiences, you are treating experiences as a series of episodes. In the second way, you are treating experience as a singular summed history.

Both are grammatically correct and logical, but given the rest of the context of the sentence I think it sounds most natural to use (2) if you are thinking about summed skills and knowledge related to a job. If, following this statement, you plan to discuss multiple individual experiences then (1) may fit better.

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