Is there a word for the front seats in a car? I can think of "the driver's seat" for the driver's seat, and "first row of the car" to refer to the front seats, but it's an awkward phrase, so I am wondering if there are better alternatives. I can't really think of one.

  • "Front seats" is the term. There's no other that I've ever heard of. – Ring Jul 26 at 11:14

Yes, from MW,

passenger seat

the front seat of a vehicle (such as a car) where a passenger sits

While passengers could also sit in the back seats, if you use the term "passenger seat" it (at least in the US) it always means the front seat that is not the drivers seat. So much so that the sides of a car are called "drivers side" and "passenger side".

  • Passenger Seat usage is the same in the UK, although sometimes I hear the terminology of near-side and off-side, but they are usually only used in official capacities such as accident reports. We also sometimes say ride up/in front to mean in one of the front seats (sometimes there are 2 passenger seats or a front seat-bench in vans etc) – Smock Jul 26 at 9:57

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