Could somebody tell me what is the main difference between these two:

What have you done with me?


what have you done to me?

  • Thank you very much!! – crimson_pie Jul 29 '19 at 12:50

It is easier to answer with slightly different examples: the difference between

What have you done WITH my bicycle?
What have you done TO my bicycle?

Suppose someone borrowed my bicycle.

I might ask the first question if they came back without the bicycle. What have you done with it?

The second could be asked if they brought it back with a bent wheel. What have you done to it?

Returning to the actual question, asking

What have you done WITH me?

does not really make any sense, but if someone has spread false rumours about me, ruining my reputation, and so I lost my job, I might ask

What have you done TO me?

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