What do you call the movement associated with the hula hoop? The hula hoop is a popular toy, but I am wondering if there's a particular verb associated with it and a particular noun associated with the movement. What do we call it?

I was thinking of swirl and swirling, but I think it might be too general.

For example:

He swirled on his hula hoop.

He was moving his hula hoop with swirls.

None of these sentences sound natural.


Gyrate: gy·rate (jī′rāt′) intr.v. gy·rat·ed, gy·rat·ing, gy·rates 1. To revolve around a fixed point or axis. 2. To move in a spiral or spirallike course. See Synonyms at turn. 3. To oscillate or vary, especially in a repetitious pattern

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